Monday, March 18, 2013

Can you taste it, the whisky?

Whisky planks, when boat builders celibate the boats they are building for others, they drink a toast when the last of the planks goes on. I prefer Bourbon personally but i can change this tradition when i open my own shop. It is still a great moment, the boats have taken shape and the work shifts from shaping a hull to completion.

**On a side note** I'm sorry but Jack Daniels is college swill, tastes of gasoline and ass, scotch would be better, Bourbon obvious but no one here seems to realize this...

Why all this talk of the alcohol preferences for a whisky planks? We are nearing the end of the planking on the Powell boats. I will introduce their proper names when they are flipped over but, the end of planking is in sight. For the first time on this project i really feel that we are now above Lava, O' what an adventure it will be. I wish i could be on the river with it!

 Here are some shots of the day. A Seattle Times photographer was out to shoot for an upcoming article. So far he was one of the most fun folks we have had. Utterly professional, interested, and fun to talk to.

Here we go...

I'll catch you all tomorrow.

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