Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A little behind.

Just wanted to apologize to the bogospheir. It has been a crazy go of it here in the NW. We have had some of our favorite people here. Which means playing tourist, so join me as i narrate the last few days... We'll get back to the Powell boats tomorrow, eh?

 You gotta hit up the boat yard here we have Adventuress's bow sprit and a derelict's window.

 Than through the galleries of Port Townsend  like Anna's. Found a new artist there that is amazing (pic above) and  at another a new use for firing cones (you either understand that or you don't).

Then it was off to the bars like we were 20 again. Hey Luke glad we stayed above the table!! And with places with games like that i am impressed we pulled it off!

 Without stopping we headed to our good friends house. A baby on the way we paused to look at Deception Pass than to look out there window ind think about the life there bringing into the world. Good luck Ketermans!!!

Finally found a whole bunch of my family in Seattle, hit up Pikes Place, Ye Old Curiosity Shoppe, and the many other sights and smells of the city. 
What up Adele? sorry about the cold! 
See you later Luke!

I promise it will calm down in a few days and i'll get you all up to speed on the Powell boats but for now I'm off to eucher night!

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  1. It's euchre. ha! Thanks for the shout out! Miss you already.