Sunday, February 3, 2013

Don't worry Nelly!

It was all excitement this weekend. It was to be the first time a Stubegge house has ever had a baby in it. Beth, Josh, and Adele came out to enjoy the Late Saturday sunshine and some late night euchre.

 Nelly seemed a little wierded out but in the end she just did as always and melted into the couch.
Even the sea anemones were even hiding out, but they sure look beautiful even out of the ocean and in the sun.

 We were all feeling a little giddy and pale as the sky opened up, no liquid sunshine for this group. We were enjoying the real thing.
 We climbed big wood,
Poked some limpets, 
 and even walked home. They all left too soon, we're looking forward to having them out soon!

After they were gone i finished up the NPFF art work. It seems like it takes more and more time every year. As soon as the powers at be let me post a copy i will. It kicks ass!

Then i put together this collage of the loft floor at school. Hope everyone else had a great weekend.

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