Monday, February 11, 2013

Photo Commentary

While working on a boat the mind has a chance to wander. I was thinking about river trips, (hopefully soon to come) wondering where to find a used drift boat trailer, and whether or not Flo is a drift boat or river dory, and what the hell the IRH is for that matter when i noticed... 

Life was imitating TV right in front of me, if i didn't stop to look around it may pass me by. So here is photo commentary, Powell boats 2-11-13.

These little beauties will be canted frames. The hole in the middle lets them flex easier in that axis. Sort of hard to explain. You'll see it better when the boats are flipped over, before the decking other wise to see this your going spelunking. 

AAAAARG!!! Stuck in the cage!!

Lots o' pictures of the hull taking shape. Clamps and the like... Anyhoo with the ribs on it really is beginning to look sweet.


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