Monday, February 4, 2013

Some panic, and progress.

I decided to get some pictures of the smaller Whitehall this morning. She seems to be getting along well.
 They have the strong back and the molds set up, the keel and the apron are here as well as the transom.

It will be amazingly small compared to the boats were working on. Made me think how different they will be on the river. Both have advantages and disadvantages, i'd still hop in either!

After a long lecture there was a long lunch. Working on the big Powell boats is a lot like camping. The temperatures this time of year are cold but with a little effort the food can kick ass!
 Salmon and stuffed peppers on the grille.
 After lunch i caused a bit o" panic. I was securing the stem to the strong back, after the faux rudder was fitted but before the transom were totally screwed down.

 Anyhow as i was getting the stem all into place i started looking at the station lines in the molds, keel, and strong bake. Most didn't seem to line up at all. I measured, checked the lofting and remeasured. With a little but of panic i brought Ben into the fold. Most of us got into it before some poor communication was discovered. In the end the panic was nothing (it usually is) and Thing 1 is ready to have the rib-bands steamed on.

Tomorrow should be fun!!

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