Friday, February 1, 2013

What the what? Sunshine?

Its been a rainy cloudy week here in the north west, but we were given a break today with a rare intrusion. Sunlight in the shop.

 It made for some dramatic footage, Noah milling up the ribbands.

While that was going on Asa and i were working on the deck beams. The tool you see here is a radius plane. The user can change the radius of the soul with the knob in the front. 

 Its a magical device. If anyone is ever wondering what to get me for Flag Day here is a great idea!
We cut the pieces out with lil' blue. Damn that saw rips through wood like its not even there. It will be sad to leave it when the school year is over.
When your running her there is a little whirl wind that forms at the blade. As the speed ramps up the intimidation factor is huge but the smooth operation, sweet.
Also while this is going on.... A keel assembly was being centered onto a strong back.

It was a good week. 
I have also been working on a lines drawing for a replica MOJA. Some problems there and also a post in the future. Y' All have a killer weekend!

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