Thursday, February 21, 2013

Layout, its all in the...

Blog is a little behind so i'm putting together a doubler. I apologize for being behind but friends and family are more important than a blog, sooo...  Here is what you've missed!
 With the ribs installed and the rabbit fared up we are moving into the planking of the boats. This is my first time planking a carvel boat so i am really pumped to see the process and figure it out. Like all things boat it starts with layout.

There are some rules of thumb in this operation passed down from the boat ninja Mr. Speck. They have to do with where planks land in the bow and stern, thicknesses and the like. I am not going to spill the beans all over the internet so lets just say, "if you want your planking to look good you better have a plan and you'd better lay it out first!"

 A fair batten is a fair batten, eh? With the edges representing plank seams everyone takes a turn upside-down looking for fairness.

 Once one side is done we have three more sides to lay out. You can never trust a tape measure so tick strips are made up and battens are nailed and checked for fair. Only after that can you get going on the planking.

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