Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It's a steamer!

Good Tuesday to everyone out there in blog land! Early on Chris built a steam box for rib-bands ribs and planking. It has all sorts of neat-o features including this slick temp gauge  To steam wood you need to heat a box to  between 160 deg F and 200 deg F with steam. Then an hour of cook time for every inch of thickness. Our rib-bands are basically 1" thick so a little over an hour is premo.

 It may look like a battered still but you wouldn't want to drink any shine out'o that!

 It takes a while, but eventually the steam from the coffee gets replaced by leakage from the steam box. After an hour here they come!!!

 Here we have the brain trust, discussing the benefits of the steam box on skin with Sam. Apparently its not only good for the pores but the soul as well.

Here are some snaps of the clamps going on.

 Chris getting the aft rabbit on Thing 2 ready.
 Gina filming me taking a picture,

and Gina finishing the bow rabbit on Thing 2. 

All in all it was a productive day in the shop. I would have had more pics but the camera died mid afternoon. Technology can be a real @%!! %@@ (*&^ rat bas$#!@^, eh?

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