Thursday, February 21, 2013

Layout Eh?

Despite what some believe the sun does shine here in the nor-west (when it does it'll knock your socks off)! On the other hand if it was a clear night, its a cold morning. That's where we find the Powell boats, clear and cold.

Big trucks and big equipment mean big wood! The planking stock has arrived, time to kick it into slow gear.

Asa stepped it up! Going for the first plank! 
 I picked up where i left off (i did say last post i had family in town), laying out  planking on the other boat.
 Meanwhile the first boat has its sheer and garboard planks being spiled. For this operation we are using door-skin and tabs glued on with hot glue. Spiling blows my mind, so far the most powerful tool learned in boat school, i highly recommend it.

Asa, meantime was backing out his plank, and becoming something of a celebrity. The day was growing old and with the first plank in reach Ben hoped in as well.

Plank in steam box at about 3:58pm out at 4:43pm and BAM!!!

Haul it fast keep working.

 Worm it into place...

 Finally clamp the  S#!@ out of it! First plank on, just think of what this plank will see in its lifetime.

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