Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Finally it looks like a boat.

Up and out this morning. Paddled out and around Protection Island. I apologize for the lack of photographs but i forgot my camera. It was a great trip, calm as glass the whole way.

When home i headed over to school to pick up the 16' panel i made up yesterday.
 I was really glad there were no cops around to see this, i'm sure they would have pulled me over. That's not the worst part, the worst part would be when they asked, "do you know why i pulled you over?" My answer would defiantly gotten me in trouble, "yeah, i cant go over 30mph because i have a 16' piece of plywood on my car, ass." Lucky i snuck home under the radar.
 Once home i got to work spiling out the first broad.
 Apparently Nelly didn't think it was very exciting. She didn't stick around once i fired up the jig saw.
Once i got the panels cut out and shaped up i installed them onto the strong back.
This is the last time this project will not look like a boat. 1st broad on and looking oh so sweet!!

I spiled out the sheer strake but ill need some more ply to get the shape but so far it really looks amazing.

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