Thursday, April 18, 2013

Oar Locks.

If you have ever rowed a boat you know something about oarlocks. They are the link between you and the water, without them your just a person in a boat with a expensive stick. That being said if you have done a lot of boating you know that all oarlocks are not created equal.

I have used Sawyer Cobras, NRS oarlocks, and a number of unknown types from who knows where. We have been looking for oarlocks for the Powell boats and have come up empty handed. So we did what one should do when you live in a town with such a strong maritime heritage, we headed to the foundry.

The Port Townsend Foundry makes all kinds of oar locks, pads, and just about anything you want in any number of bronze alloys, here are some of the amazing things they do.

In the end we decided that it was best to let them create some oarlocks for us. I will really try and be there to check out the pattern as its made, watch the casting and give you a full review of how they preform. All you river rats looking at this blog PT Foundry can make custom oarlocks for not a lot more than regular everyday hardware!  I'm really excited about it.

Here are some pics of the current status of the Powell boats.

Bulkheads are being built, the deck structures continue to be built.Floor timbers keep going in and it just goes on and on.

The IRH now has tape on all the structural internal seams. I am looking froward to flipping her over and beginning to finish off the hull. I still haven't decided weather or not i am going to put the inwhales in before i flip her over but well see. No water what i'll be able to unscrew her from the strong-back and let her stand on her own!

I also put the patch onto Florence. I cant wait to take her to the McKenzie River Festival next weekend.
I'll try and keep you all posted but i have family coming in and the trip next weekend so i ought to be crazy.


  1. WOW! How fun is this! A trip to the foundry, working on Powell boat replica's AND going to the McKenzie festival. Man, are your stars all aligned or WHAT! No sense in saying "Have Fun" because you are clearly doing that!! :>)

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