Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Whack F%$k, and boat building.

I had a great weekend! No boating but had Lea's parents out. This means a lot of card playing, beer drinking, and a round of golf. OK i know what you might be thinking golf, really? Yeah, i love golf. Now i don't get the chance to play as much as i would like but when i do i always have a great time. Especially when it includes friends and family. So here are some highlights.

If you know my father you may be shocked to see him with a club in hand, hell i sure was! All in all it was a fantastic weekend, it also helps that i crushed in both Eucher (with lea's mom), and Oh Hell (these are card games for the uninitiated).

OK after cards, whack f%$k (golf), and a lot of bull shitting Monday brought me back to the Powell boats.

Hey Gina whats going on with the boats?
"Ah,er um oh, you know bad one liners, sawdust, bulkheads, thwart supports, and decks. Check out the pics..."

Well the boats are looking great, things are really coming together. Its going to be great to see where we are in just the next week. In the meantime i as well as some lunatics from the school (and many other places) will be heading to the McKenzie River Wooden Boat Festival for a few days of floating, beer, and wooden boats in Oregon. I'll get you a full report next week.

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