Tuesday, April 16, 2013

More decking and the beginnings of a patch

The decking continues on the two Powell boats. 

 As you can see the decks are a series of quite complex lap  and carlin joints . The sheer blocking (nearest to the sheer of the boat) needs to be there to have someplace to land decking. The center line blocking is there to distribute the load of a strong hit against keel, or should i say eventual hit against the keel.
 Chris is working on the copy of my deck layout for the for-deck. Its a bit of a guessing game to build it stout enough to handle the vigorous environment of the Grand Canyon.

 One of the best parts of my day was drilling the long hole through the keel, keelson, and brest hook. Its a lot of ground and not very thick. Came out right on the center line right where it was supposed to. Turns out you can drill a long hole with four eyes.
 After school it was time to pack up some tools and head over to Ben's shed to fix up the chine on Florence.

 Here is the impact sight. You can see where the rock went through the chine cap glass layers and entered into the plywood. I was thinking about the force with wich we hit the rock that put this hole in the boat. I can only guess the weight of the load at the time was nothing short of 1500lbs a wee shy of a ton, but way to much. We hit on a mid stream rock in the middle of a rather steep drop, probably three to five feet of drop in one hundred to one hundred and fifty feet of river. I'm no physicist but that's a hell of a lot of inertia. I think that my layup really held up well, after all with just two and a weeks worth of gear this part of the chine only sits an inch under the water. In contrast it was six under when we hit.
 I cut away the crushed plywood and fiberglass using a Dremel with a cutting bit and a chisel.
 Then cleaned it up a bit.
Here is a ruler for reference. I am going to let the opening dry for a day or so before i really get after patching. I defiantly don't want to lock any water under the patch if it can help it.

Everyone have a great night. With Boating season arriving all over the northern hemisphere have a toast to a kick ass season, cheers!

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